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Hey, it's your friendly neighborhood Purplecast Podcast editor, here. Do you have a question for a podcast member? Want to hear it answered on the podcast? Ask it here!

There are two categories of questions: Single Member and Everybody. Single Member questions are questions asked that are meant for a specific podcast member to answer. Everybody questions are questions asked that are meant for every podcast member to answer.

Keep in mind that all questions will be screened by yours truly. Racist, sexist, and homophic comments in your questions will result in automatic rejection of your question. You will not be notified in the forums if your question has been selected, but you will be credited on the podcast.

I'm sure you all have a lot of questions to ask us, both practical and absurd, so ask away!


You don't have the proper clearance to know what my reasons are...

...but I have my reasons.

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